prayer at another level

prayer at another level

I am Happiest When…..

imageToday, I gave my daughter this writing prompt: I am happiest when….

I thought I would use this prompt myself, so here we go.

I am happiest when I’m thinking of others and not myself. So true. When my thoughts are centered on me I am just plain miserable!

I am happiest when I have a grateful attitude. When I start complaining in my head or feeling discontent with what I have I just take a downward spiral into unhappy land.

I am happiest when I do something kind for someone “out of the blue”. I just get all gooey inside when I make someone smile or when I know that kindness has changed somebody’s day.

I am happiest when I am thinking about Jesus. Praising Him for “little” things is a joy. And when I can center my thoughts on Him worries and strife often melt like butter.

I am happiest when I trust that God is in control no matter what. When things seem bad and I get frustrated with all the evil I see in this world I remind myself that God is soveriegn and loving. Hard things do happen but I choose to trust that He will use all things to make me look like His precious Son Jesus! (Rom. 8.28-29) And that’s the best thing to ‘be happy’ about!

Now you give it a try. And remember to thank God for all the happiness in your life. 🙂

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