prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Hear These Words! Act!

work1Matthew 7:24, 26

He who hears “these” words of Jesus has a choice of action to take. Jesus is referring to the whole sermon he just preached (Matthew 5-7). Don’t think he is simply making some cute analogy here. He implicitly says if you don’t ACT on the words I’ve just spoken to you then you ARE foolish and you WILL come to destruction!

Scary thought…..especially considering I know I do not measure up to the “be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect” I find myself wondering how much I have truly acted on these words. Set aside all the thousands of other words in this book I haven’t truly let penetrate into my beliefs and actions.

I want to act on the things I know You are speaking to me, Father. Help me Jesus to act and not to just sit idly ignoring you and you words. I do not want to be a mere “hearer” of your words, no, I desire to be a “doer” of them. Amen.

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