prayer at another level

prayer at another level

The Coming King!

Palms1  It was hot and dusty, getting close to sunset. The crowds were thickening as though there were some force drawing them to the roads. Snatches and whispers were heard: “Messiah”, “many miracles”, “glory to God”, “Savior”, “King”, “Yeshuah“, “Yahweh saves”.

Children scurrying through and under legs, people pushing, and straining to hear. The throng was beginning to reach a fever pitch.

What would he do? Where would he go? Can we touch him? Will he speak? Then suddenly all came to a stand still.

What was he telling his followers; something about a donkey? Oh, memory don’t fail me now! Zechariah! The King comes riding on the foal of a donkey! This is truly it, the Messiah has come!

The whispering increased – the buzz was almost a roaring wind. Coats were being removed and branches were being collected.

As the mass began to move again someone began to shout: “Hoshanna! Hoshanna!” At first, it rang out like the clear bell of a single voice and carried as a song on the breeze. Then others picked up the cry and it became a swell, a toll of bells ringing in succession.

Singing Psalm 118 the crowd swelled up the hill throwing cloaks and branches in front of him.

It was a glorious day!

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